Top 15 Best Earl Grey Tea in 2022


Some things are forever related to certain places, people, or stuff that reminds us of it. Similarly, if we say earl grey tea, then you must immediately redirect your mind to think about West. Th is world is typically divided between tea lovers and coffee lovers. Both such types of people are avid drinkers of the respective beverages.

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Specifically talking about tea, the people who drink tea are addicted to it badly as tea contain nicotine and a good amount of caffeine. Moreover, there are further different types of tea that are preferred and liked by people all over the world.

Cutting down to earl grey tea, it is basically black tea with a splash of the flavor of the bergamot orange. The flavor of bergamot orange is mixed in a form of oil. The sole purpose of mixing oil of bergamot in any type of tea is to instill   orange-like aroma and flavor to the beverage. The bergamot oranges are grown on a tree found in Italy.

Originally, the bergamot flavor was added to only the black tea but several companies have already started to experiment adding the oil to tea other than black. Read our latest guide about the best oolong tea.

The history of earl grey tea goes back to 1820 as it is named after the Prime Minister Earl Charles Grey who ruledTop 15 Best Earl Grey Tea in 2018 from 1830 to 1834. The popular story behind the naming and formation of the special tea is that the recipe of the citrus tea was gifted to the prime minister by a Chinese tea blender as Charles saved his son from drowning. The authenticity of the story is not credited, but it is still known and called after his name.

The first introduction of bergamot into the tea was done in England after which it came to extensive use during the court proceedings. Furthermore, the drinking of the tea blended with bergamot was taken as posh and associated with the upper-class of the country.

Types of Earl Grey Tea: Specifics You Should Know About

The original tea is only one that is black tea blended with oil of bergamot. However, companies have tried different formulas and mixing techniques to create distinctly flavored teas. Some of the names of the earl grey teas are

Lady Grey

Earl Grey tea mixed with blue cornflower.

Russian Earl Grey

The orange peel is also mixed with the tea.


The caffeine concentration is less than the normal.

Red Earl Grey

The earl grey tea is made and blended with rooibos; a kind of red leaves that prepare herbal tea.

Earl Green

Green tea is blended with oil of bergamot.

Mademoiselle Grey

Several spices rose or lavender flavor are added to the tea for preparing different mixtures.

Preparation of Earl Grey Tea

The making of the earl grey tea is simple, uncomplicated, and easy enough for everyone to try. It is made as any Top 15 Best Earl Grey Tea in 2018other tea is made; with boiling hot water and tea leaves.

The earl grey tea leaves are sold in the market which is purchased by the people. The tea leaves, when put into steaming hot water, ready the tea with citrus flavor.

Benefits of Drinking Earl Grey Tea

The benefits of drinking earl grey tea are tremendous. The documented benefits are only the ones that are found up till date, whereas, many remain undiscovered. People enjoy it very much for its distinct aromatic flavor, and some drink it purposely for acquiring the advantages and benefits.

Energy Boost

The boost of energy instantly provided to the person is due to high caffeine content in the tea. The caffeine activates the mind and alerts it for producing well throughout the day.

Aid in Digestion

The tea is famously known for keeping the digestive system in check. The tea helps to relieve colic and nausea. Additionally, it also eradicates the worm infection from the gut.

Cures Anxiety and Depression

The bergamot’s natural curing abilities come from the aromatherapy qualities. It has a calming effect on the person’s mind and mood.

Healthy Teeth

The earl grey tea is extremely beneficial for the teeth as it contains catechin (antioxidant) and fluoride, both of which prevent cavities and oral infections.

Prevention of Cancer

One of the major risk factors and causative agents of the cancer is the production of free radicals in the body. The free radicals in the cell are then responsible for causing cancer. Earl Grey tea is rich in antioxidants which reduces the free radicals to form oxygen.

Weight Loss

The citrus in the tea is responsible for cutting down the fat and helping the person to reduce weight. Many peopleTop 15 Best Earl Grey Tea in 2018 drink earl grey tea as a remedy for losing weight in a healthy way.

Improves the Cardiac System

One of the research done in 2012 claimed that drinking earl grey tea thrice a day can reduce the chances of a coronary heart disease to a minimum. It also said that the tea causes good cholesterol (HDL) to rise in the blood whereas, reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) so that the balance is maintained.

Stress Reduction

As tea and coffee are known to stimulate the nervous system, drinking earl grey tea has a rather calming effect in combination with making the mind focused and sharp.

Uses of Earl Grey Tea

People in the West such as England, Italy, and the Mediterranean etc. are avid drinkers of earl grey tea.

Americans also put milk in the citrus-flavored tea for adding their own punch of flavor.

In regards to the history, earl grey tea was served in the courtroom with the name of ‘artificially scented, and drugged with bergamot.’

Preferably women use earl grey tea for losing weight steadily.

People with troubled digestion process take a cup of earl grey tea after a meal to help the process go smoothly.

The uses of earl grey tea cannot be confined to a single paragraph as it is used by people all over the globe. The introduction of its secret remedy by the Chinese man was one of the most important events in the history of teas. The citrus-tea is known to have a refreshing and bright flavor which instantly gives the first kick needed by the person. The soothing effect also tames the restlessness in the people with anxiety and other psychological disorders. All in all, the benefits of drinking earl grey tea outnumbers its side effects which are mostly due to the high caffeine concentration.



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Bigelow Earl Grey Tea 40 bags
Rich and robust $$ 4.8
2. Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey, (Pack of 3 Boxes)
Non-GMO Fair Trade Certified $$ 4.7
3. VAHDAM Imperial Earl Grey Tea Leaves
100% Natural Ingredients $$ 4.7
4. Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea Filter bags
Black tea with Bergamot $$ 4.6
5. Bigelow Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea Bags
Natural ingredients $$ 4.6
6. Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey (Pack of 3 boxes)
Non-GMO Fair Trade Certified $$ 4.5
7. Stash Tea Earl Grey Black Tea
Kof-K Kosher certified $$ 4.5
8.  Stash Tea Organic Earl Grey Green & Black Tea
Certified organic $$ 4.4
9. Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Aromatic Loose Tea
Ethical Trade Partnership (ETP) $$ 4.3
10. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea
Has lemony flavors $$ 4.3
11. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial Tea Tin
Little Extra Bergamot $$ 4.2
12. Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea Bags
Unique floral aroma $$ 4.1
13. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea
blend of white and black $$ 4.1
14. Mighty Leaf Organic Tea
Lightly caffeinated $$ 4.0
15. Frontier Earl Grey Traditional Tea
Non-Irradiated $$ 3.9

1. Bigelow Earl Grey Tea 40 bagsBigelow Earl Grey Tea 40 bags

Earl Grey tea is quite a popular drink amongst every age group as it has proved to be better at stimulating the senses along with having better and more benefits than coffee. The brand Bigelow has been producing Earl grey tea for decades as it is one of their specialties.  The brand is established and working since 1945 to grace people with a healthier alternative in the form of earl grey tea. Their amazing packages and a wide range of product flavor are some of the reasons for their success in the industry.

Flavor and Taste

The tea leaves are hand-picked by the workers to ensure quality and taste. The earl grey tea is rich in taste as it is basically black tea mixed with oil of bergamot. The richness also comes from the different techniques used by the brand to create the perfect blend of the ingredients to produce the best taste possible. Moreover, the brand also offers different types of flavor for everyone. Every person has a varied sense of taste which is why the Bigelow earl grey tea is a perfect option. The classic tea is packed with goodness and healthy substances to make a better substitute for coffee. Furthermore, the economic pack of the earl grey tea by Bigelow is extremely feasible as it contains up to 40 tea bags to   last a month easily. One purchase has 6 packs full of earl grey tea that is rich in antioxidants, gluten-free, as well as, calories-free to take extra care of the person’s health.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of the Bigelow earl grey tea are tremendous. The calorie-free formula is opted by many people to be able to get help in losing extra pounds whereas, people conscious of eating and drinking clean also choose the brand for their gluten-free teas. Moreover, there are different types of earl grey tea offered by the brand, each one according to various benefits and users. Their green tea is loaded with antioxidants that keep the heart in check, improves the skin, and fights cancer. The vanilla chai sets the mood light whereas the herbal teas enhance the body’s state.

Additional Feature

The brand claims to have grown the crisp and rich earl grey tea in American soil. The American-made tea has all the benefits of the soil which are transferred to humans.


The tea has a refreshing and raw taste which is preferred over coffee by the users.

The wide range of flavor options keeps the user interested.

The purchase is reasonable as 40 tea bags wrapped in a foil come in a pack.


Some people may find the taste of the tea weak.

2. Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey, (Pack of 3 Boxes)Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey, (Pack of 3 Boxes)

The Italian teas by Numi are all-natural, artificial flavor-free as they only deal in organic ingredients. The blend of the black tea with natural, 100% fresh fruits, flowers, and spices is unique and extremely beneficial for the human body. The certified brand takes pride in investing extra efforts, time, and money in their products for creating a different yet raw taste.

Flavor and Taste

The component of the oil of bergamot in the earl grey tea is entirely organic and natural. The oil is extracted from real bergamot oranges straight from Italy. This ensures to form a citrusy and tangy taste which is different and cannot be compensated for anything. Moreover, the earl grey tea by Numi is so versatile that it can be mixed with honey or milk as per the person’s preference and still taste the best. The black tea is strong on its own which is why adding milk does not depreciate the rawness.  In addition to being all natural, the tea is also USDA certified and non-GMO verified. Furthermore, the picking of the tea along with the organic fruits are done only by well-paid workers who are ethically taken care of. The packaging of the earl grey tea is biodegradable for making the environment clean and safe for everyone.

Health Benefits

The brand Numi takes extra care of the health benefits as their tea and fruits are hand-picked and used as they are to create a natural drink blended perfectly. The sugar-free, carbon-free, gluten-free, halal beverage is safe in every way. It is also suitable for all ethnic groups as it is labeled halal.


The natural earl grey tea has no artificial flavors, frozen fruits or flowers involved.

The brand also offers other kinds of teas for various occasions.

The earl grey tea can drink in many ways; with honey, milk, or as black.

The price is extremely affordable. People can stock up on the tea easily.


The taste may be weaker for coffee lovers.

3. VAHDAM Imperial Earl Grey Tea LeavesVAHDAM Imperial Earl Grey Tea Leaves

The VAHDAM tea is one of the leading brands of the tea industry in India run by a successful 26-year old. Their tea is delicately picked in India by dedicated workers and delivered to 83 countries worldwide. The long-list of the users is due to the fresh, raw, and refreshing tea leaves by the award-winning brand which is grown on a rich soil under the best conditions.

Flavor and Taste

The tea leaves are picked in India whereas the oil of bergamot is imported from Italy. The freshly grown bergamot oranges in Italy are the source of the oil which adds citrus to the tea. The earl grey tea is long-lasting as they are enclosed in a double sealed bag to ensure freshness throughout the use. Each pack contains enough tea leaves to make more than 200 cups of delicious tea. Also, each cup of tea can either be made hot or iced according to the individual’s choice. Each and every ingredient used in the making of the tea leaves are natural and organic, without any artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Health Benefits

The VAHDAM imperial earl grey tea has already won the race of being the healthiest. The organic ingredients add health and goodness to the cup of tea whereas, lack of synthetic products, sugar, calories, and gluten cuts down the harmful effects if found any. The all natural formula soothes the stomach, mind, and nerves of the users to make them lead a better life.

Additional Feature

The brand spends 1% revenue of their earnings on the education of their farmers’ children. The amazing initiative is different and ensures to benefit the poor. Moreover, the brand also takes care of its users by guaranteeing full-payment back is any user does not like the tea.


The rich taste of the tea leaves is due to being well-grown and freshly-picked.

All the components of the tea are natural, from the leaves picked in India to the oil of bergamot taken from Italy.

The price is reasonable and people can savor the tea as much as they want.


The user will have to prepare the tea as the leaves are not packed into bags.

4. Tazo Earl Grey Black Tea Filter bagsTazo Earl Grey Black Tea Filter bags

Tazo is a tea producing brand that works tirelessly with other companies to create products solely for the betterment of the people. The black tea by the brand is effortlessly delicious, served best steaming hot and has unmatchable health benefits. The premium-quality of the tea is due to being picked by professionals and processed naturally until packaged freshly in a box for the world. The experts know which leaf to pick to give the best taste.

Flavor and Taste

The classic earl grey tea is uniquely blended with the citrusy-fresh bergamot grown in Italy. The addition of bergamot orange in the black tea adds fruity and a bright flavor which is contradictory to the bitter taste of black tea. The two opposites, when mixed together, make the taste raw and savory. The joyful cup of earl grey tea by Tazo is everyone’s favorite. Tazo has been in partnership with Mercy Corps for creating a change in the world. Every single pack of the earl grey tea is economical and reasonable as it contains 20 tea bags safely packed in a foil to keep the leaves fresh. The preparation of the steaming hot cup of tea is easier than thought, the only part to be done is to boil the water after which 1 or 2 teabags are dipped to achieve the refreshing taste.

Health Benefits

Tazo Earl Grey tea is adopted by people because of the immense benefits achieved after drinking it. The antioxidant-rich drink is best for improving the cardiac, nervous, and digestive system. Overall, all the body is cleaned and detoxified along with the boost of energy and focused approach.


The taste of the drink is delicious, fruity, and different.

The earl grey tea is perfect for alerting the mind and stimulating the senses.

The preparation of the tea is much easier than making coffee.

The brand offers a wide range of flavors for every type of user.

People can buy the pack every month easily due to it being highly reasonable.


Taste may be weaker for drinkers who prefer bitterness.

5. Bigelow Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea BagsBigelow Decaffeinated Earl Grey Tea Bags

The manufacturers of earl grey tea know about the high caffeine concentration in the black tea which basically keeps the user awake, alert, and focused throughout. However, some people savor the taste of earl grey tea but do not want the effects that come with drinking caffeine. Bigelow is an established tea producing brand that takes care of all types of demands by the loyal users. The decaffeinated version of the earl grey tea offers the same flavorful taste, richness, aroma, and benefits as the original caffeinated one.

Flavor and Taste

The amazing pack of the decaffeinated earl grey tea is enough for multiple users in one setting. Moreover, each tea bag encloses the richness of authentic oil of bergamot from Italy blended with pure black tea to create a distinctive flavor. The fruity and citrusy taste is amongst the best, as it stays light on the taste buds and the mind. Although the tea bags come packaged from the company, if anyone wants to brew the tea as normal, the tea bag can be torn to get the leaves out for the boiling water. Each pack of the earl grey tea has 20 tea bags, whereas, each purchase contains 6 boxes to last several months conveniently.

Health Benefits

Bigelow uses a special foil to package their tea bags that keep the moisture, aroma, and freshness intact. Freshly made tea has benefits far better. The value of health is more as the tea is decaffeinated. The lack of caffeine enhances the health benefits as they don’t cause negative effects on the mind like forced alertness and nerves hyperactivity. The digestive system is also benefitted as caffeine also has a harmful impact on the stomach.


The hand-picked tea is full of flavor, natural ingredients, and citrusy goodness.

The decaffeinated tea is mixed with real bergamot oil to extract the benefits.

The tea can be savored even at night as it does not force the person to stay awake.

Reasonably priced.


Flavor might not be strong enough for some people.

6. Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey (Pack of 3 boxes)Numi Organic Tea Aged Earl Grey (Pack of 3 boxes)

The earl grey tea by Numi is definitely different, packed with healthy ingredients, and affordable enough for everyone to enjoy cups after cups of the delicious tea. The brand often claims to be the best in terms of quality control, organic use of things and having the most caring customer care. Their tea is different because all the components used are real, with a 100% guarantee of them being organic.

Flavor and Taste

The taste of the earl grey tea is unmatchable as all the products are natural, extracted from nature which when mixed together make a great taste and health value. The raw and citrusy flavor comes from the Italian bergamot which is famous for a lot of health benefits. Moving on, the original flavor of the tea by Numi is strong with a stimulating aroma. The tea can be taken with honey or milk but it just stays at its best when drunk without them. The brand has many other kinds of teas available for the vast number of their users. However, all of the teas, no matter what type, are mixed with real fruits, flowers, and spices. The authentic promise of having no artificial flavor, preservatives, or non-organic edibles in the tea is totally true.

Health Benefits

The no sugar, no fragrance, gluten and carbon-free, halal formula of the earl grey tea is extremely healthy, feasible, and beneficial for the human body. All the things not included in the ingredients are pure poison in one way or the other, which is why cutting them down from our food and drinks saves up a lot of energy along with strengthening the body and its immune system. Moreover, the Numi teas are USDA certified and non-GMO verified. In addition to this, the packaging of the tea bags is biodegradable to purify and take care of the environment.


The bright and pungent taste of the tea soothes the taste buds.

The company has a ton of options for the users in terms of different flavors.

The economical packets of tea are good for everyone to buy.


The tea bags might not produce the strongest flavor.

7. Stash Tea Earl Grey Black TeaStash Tea Earl Grey Black Tea

The superior-quality earl grey tea made, blended, and packaged in the USA is one of the healthiest options for the loyal users. The tea has an amazing taste which stimulates the tongue and the nerves to the maximum. It is also a great alternative to coffee as it has the same amount of caffeine to make the person stay alert and awake for hours while having a much better and bigger amount of benefits to the body.

Flavor and Taste

The pungent black tea is proportionally blended with 100% authentic and real Italian bergamot oil to create a mixture worthy of being savored every day. Furthermore, the flavorful tea leaves are packed sufficiently in 100 foil packets in one box. The huge number of tea bags are feasible for the restaurants to use, as well as, good to use at parties and large gatherings. Also, it is easier and convenient to make tea while using tea bags instead of loose tea leaves which also saves time, effort, and money. The delicious tea full of flavor can also be mixed with honey or milk to create a different taste to enjoy.

Health Benefits

The caffeinated tea has amazing effects on the human body due to some of the magic ingredients. The drink is loaded with antioxidants, fluoride, and other helpful components that protect the body from various diseases such as cancer, tooth decay, dull mind, and digestive problems. The foil wrapping keeps the tea fresh and vital.


The packaging of the tea bags is very safe and uptight for preserving the moisture and freshness inside.

One box purchased has 100 tea bags that are more than enough to last 2-3 months.

The real oil of bergamot adds flavor, benefits, and quality to the black tea.

The drinking of earl grey tea is safe and affordable.


Maximum flavor might not be extracted using tea bags.

8. Stash Tea Organic Earl Grey Green & Black TeaStash Tea Organic Earl Grey Green & Black Tea

The Stash tea was founded in 1972 whereas, their delicious bagged teas were introduced to the world in 1975. From then on, their teas have been ruling the hearts of people along with refreshing their minds. The vast variety of teas offered by them have supreme-quality and taste. The use of 100% organic ingredients is the secret to being one of the most successful tea producing company. The tea leaves are handpicked from around the globe to try variety whereas, only real bergamot oil is imported from Italy to add the citrus.

Flavor and Taste

The carefully wrapped tea bags stay fresh and full of flavor because of the special foil used. All the ingredients are blended in the USA to make the world-renowned earl grey tea. The tea is enjoyed as it is or mixed with milk and honey to step-up the game. The invigorating taste is not only appetizing but also is undeniably the healthiest option and substitute of the coffee. One box purchased contains 100 tea bags for making the whole process convenient for the user. 100 tea bags are enough for a person to use up to 2 months, whereas, restaurants may also opt for the option. The various flavors offered by the brand are all delectable, from chamomile and peppermint to green and earl grey tea, all of them are piquant.

Health Benefits

As both black and green tea are mixed with organic bergamot oil, their benefits are more or less similar. Black tea is more of an eye-opener; quite literally. The black tea stays in the system to make the person more focused and awake whereas, green tea is used to calm down the nerves, speed up the digestion, and give the body a boost of antioxidants.


The full-bodied flavor of the earl grey tea energizes the user.

100 tea bags are offered at much less price.

The brand only uses organic ingredients.


The taste might be too tangy for some people.

9. Ahmad Tea Earl Grey Aromatic Loose TeaAhmad Tea Earl Grey Aromatic Loose Tea

Ahmed tea is a brand made for tea connoisseur, for experts, and dedicated tea lovers because it simply has the best taste. The UK-based brand is the pioneer of producing excellent-quality tea of all sorts. The company is in its fourth generation of creating the finest tea with a passion like professionals. Their earl grey tea is the gift of the past and the traditions to the new generation to savor and cherish forever.

Flavor and Taste

The earl grey tea by Ahmad is raw, with a pungent yet citrusy taste to tingle the taste buds. They have a huge amount of collections consisting of different flavors; each one according to moods and purpose. They have herbal tea, green tea, black tea, and tea made from real flowers. All of them are made, blended, and created with care, organic and real ingredients, and in a safe environment to ensure quality drink throughout. The taste is rich, full-bodied, and extraordinary because of the premium black tea mixed with Italian bergamot to instill a fruity aroma and taste.  The calorie-free blend of natural products elicits a great and healthy effect on the human body. The positive effects are noticed after a consistent use.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of drinking earl grey tea are numerous. The research states that drinking tea has a positive effect on the nervous system. Consuming tea every day leads to a better cognitive ability along with a stronger immune system as antioxidants are tremendously filled in every cup of tea.

Additional Feature

Ahmad tea is associated and an active member of the United Kingdom tea council. Furthermore, it also is a part of Ethical Trade Partnership. Both of these councils ensure to provide reliable teas.


Ahmed tea is trustable and reliable because of years of dedication to produce healthy teas.

Their affiliation with the big councils ensures quality and standard.

The earl grey tea has benefits incomparable to others.


The taste of earl grey tea might be new for some people.

10. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea

One of the leading brands in the industry of producing quality teas is Harney & Sons. Their journey and work areHarney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Tea commendable as they have been blessing the true tea lovers with the finest quality tea possible. The amazing and distinctive blend of black tea and original bergamot orange is unique, as to create a drink with the maximum richness of goodness, taste, benefits, and   effects.

Flavor and Taste

The unique blend of the earl grey tea with Ceylon silver tips is just as delicious as it seems. Both of the teas are a world apart yet blend so perfectly into each other to complement and enhance each other’s flavor. As the blend is unique, the taste of the tea is different and appetizing. People enjoy the best of both the teas in one cup, each one giving a taste of its own. The quality of the tea leaves is remarkable, as the tea is made for connoisseurs. The lemony flavor of the tea never disappoints anyone, as people don’t go back to drink other teas once they have a taste of the supreme earl grey by Harney & Sons. The briskness is moderate while the aroma of the tea is maximum, to add the appeal to the tea. The bergamot oil infused in the mixture of two different teas is a little higher than normal to up the citrusy lemon taste.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of the supreme earl grey are doubled because of the unique blend of the two types of tea leaves. The white and black tea mixed in the essence of bergamot oil enhances the benefits as both of them energizes the body. Better nervous system, digestion, and skin are only some of the noticed and researched gains.


White and black tea are blended together to create a different mix.

The flavor of the supreme earl grey tea is lemony with a citrus punch.

The cost is affordable.


Pure earl grey tea lovers might not like the new formula.

11. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial Tea TinHarney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial Tea Tin

The Harney & sons are the real flag bearers of the rich tea history brought into the modern world. Their unique formulas and blending techniques are famous for producing amazing and flavorful teas. Their history of producing different types of teas is associated with the Royal family of Britain.

Flavor and Taste

The flavor of the imperial earl grey tea is also unique as compared to the normal earl grey tea as this one is a blend of various black teas with a greater amount of bergamot oil from Italy. The black teas are mixed in a specific proportion with the oil to form stronger, full-bodied, more pungent taste of the tea. The body of the tea leaves is stronger and the briskness is more than the usual earl grey tea. In addition to this, the aroma of the imperial earl grey tea is strong lemony like as the bergamot oil concentration is higher to instill the citrus punch. What sets the tea apart is its strong roots and association with the Royal family. The Royal tea line used to consist of five teas out of which one was Imperial earl grey tea as it earned its status due to the refreshing and bright flavor.

Health Benefits

Each and every component of the imperial earl grey tea is healthy, safe, and reliable to use. The brain of the person is mostly affected by the tea as the caffeine makes the mind more active and alert whereas, it also strengthens the cognitive function. The robust taste is the reason behind the Royals liking and drinking the coffee regularly.


The imperial earl grey tea was drunk by Royals.

One tin contains 30 sachets to last a month.

The tea is a delicious blend of black teas with bergamot orange.

The preparation of the tea using tea bags is easier.


People who avoid caffeine might not like the tea.

12. Twinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea BagsTwinings of London Earl Grey Black Tea Bags

Twinings is the most reputable brand in terms of tea production as it is established and has been making superior quality tea for decades. The mass production of the tea each year has amazing quality control and value for money. Twinings is selling their famous tea since 1706 and now has been expanded vastly enough to deliver the tea to 100 countries in total.

Flavor and Taste

The flavored earl grey tea by Twinings has the fine texture, strong body, and even stronger aroma. The custom growers of the Twinings take extra care of the cultivated tea leaves for increasing their value. Then the leaves are selectively hand-picked to eliminate any chances of bad or infected crops. The addition of bergamot makes the tea special as it adds citrus flavor and goodness of the real fruit into the caffeine-loaded black tea. The brand claims to have the top-quality tea leaves, even better than the competitors. Lastly, one box of the magic tea has 20 tea bags, and almost six boxes arrive together for convenience and ease.

Health Benefits

The wholesome tea has every natural and organic component mixed together in even proportions. The no-artificial preservatives formula appeals to the user as the tea is totally safe to drink for all age groups and at any time of the day.  The concentration of antioxidants and fluoride are high in the Twinings earl grey tea. Both of these components save the body and teeth from infections.


The Twinings is an award-winning company due to its tireless efforts.

The company has multiple plants in different companies for producing tea sufficiently.

The company has years of experience.

Each bag contains 20-properly sealed tea bags to sustain the freshness.

The price is very reasonable as each and every user can easily afford it.

The tea bags are easy and convenient to use, as only boiling water is needed to prepare a cup.


The taste might be weak for coffee drinkers.

13. Harney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea

The supreme black tea by Harney & Sons has the strongest flavor. The full-bodied taste, fine leaves, and theHarney & Sons Earl Grey Supreme Black Tea appealing aroma promise to make every cup of tea delectable and enjoyable. Harney & Sons not only specializes in producing excellent quality teas but also take care in delivering their products safely and responsibly to the users. The brand has a reputation which has been effectively maintained for years due to their hard work and dedication.

Flavor and Taste

Supreme black tea is a collection of two entirely different kinds of teas, one is a black while the other is white. The mixing together of the black tea with Ceylon silver tips create a unique blend which offers the best of both the worlds. The qualities of black leaves are enhanced by the presence of silver tips and vice versa. Moreover, the blend upgrades the flavor of the earl grey tea and makes it one of the most sought-after tea. The citrusy flavor along with strong fruity aroma is upped because of the addition of extra bergamot oil. The aroma and fragrance of any drink are very important in determining the appealing effect of it, which is why the supreme earl grey tea has the strongest aroma, something like lemony. This specific tea has a sweet touch to its taste because of the inclusion of the white tea.

Health Benefits

Both teas whether white or black have maximum health benefits and little to none health hazards. the formula is entirely safe to drink for everyone, regardless of the usual diseases like diabetes or hypertension. The amazing quality of the fine leaves guarantees to deliver the boost of goodness into the body to help combat cancer, infections, and multiple other problems.


The blend of white and black tea increases the benefits.

The addition of white tea adds sweetness and lightness to the earl grey tea.

Extra bergamot oil is added to enhance citrus.

One tin contains 20 properly wrapped sachets.


People who drink purely earl grey might not like the change.

14. Mighty Leaf Organic TeaMighty Leaf Organic Tea

The mighty leaf organic tea is a bit different than the discussed earl grey as this one is purely an herbal tea. The mighty leaf is also a master of teas in the industry, well-known for their humongous contribution to the sweet world of tea. They also cater to one of the largest collections of different types of teas for the users. Their winning point is extensive and solely use of the natural and 100% organic substances in the production of the edibles.

Flavor and Taste

The herbal tea has a light yet minty flavor which is due to the addition of spearmint and peppermint to form the best possible flavor. Both herbs are hand-picked from the Middle Atlas Mountain Range in Morocco, which is a famous place for harboring and growing the world’s healthiest and bushiest herbs and plants to be used by the industries for various purposes. The fragrance of the soothing tea is also minty which enhances the calming effect in an instance. The lightness and breezy taste of the tea is to help the drinker in soothing down the nerves. Moreover, the decaffeinated part also contributes to the nerve-relaxing function as no caffeine does not produce the effects of forced alertness.

Health Benefits

The organic use of the ingredients helps the company to make an all-natural drink for the human body. All kinds of artificial products harm the body in one way or the other. No preservatives herbal tea is completely safe and healthy to devour at any time and as many times as required. The no-caffeine formula ensures to enhances the calming effect on the nervous system which makes the person go in relaxing mode.

Additional Feature

The tea leaves come packaged in a handcrafted silk pouch for better aesthetics.


The taste is different and appealing. It is minty due to spearmint and peppermint.

The herbs are grown and picked from Morocco which brings nature into the cup.

One pouch has 15 sachets.


Some people who want their dose of caffeine might not like this tea.

15. Frontier Earl Grey Traditional TeaFrontier Earl Grey Traditional Tea

The Frontier Co-op has been responsibly running the business to provide spices and seasonings to the world. Their supplies are transported to many countries worldwide as they have earned their name through constant hard work and authenticity. They are also devoted to the planet earth as 4% of their annual revenue goes to social services to help anyone in need, sustain the earth, and spread positivity. Their existence since 1976 has proven to be beneficial for everyone as their products are the result of nature, pure and healthy.

Flavor and Taste

The USA and Canada based company specializes in making the best edibles for the people. All their lines of products are prepared from nature only and no compromise is ever made in the quality and originality. Their earl grey tea is a special blend of black tea and bergamot oil, both of which are selected by experts and processed carefully to extract the maximum richness and pureness from the earth. The tea comes packed in a 16-ounce foil packet which saves up the moisture and helps in sustaining the freshness with which the tea leaves were made from nature. The organic products that are used are safe for every age group as people might like to drink tea more than once in a day. The tea has a pungent aroma that entices the senses of the user to regularly devour the drink to achieve the benefits.

Health Benefits

The lack of artificial food additives in the organic earl grey tea keeps the consumption of the drink healthy. The earl grey tea is extremely helpful to strengthen the immune system and prevent cancer and any related disease due to the production of antioxidants.

Additional Feature

The brand has a QAI certification which ensures the users’ satisfaction.


The taste of the drink is refreshing.

The 1-pound bag is enough for all the people in the house to drink for a month.

The aroma is strong yet soothing to the nerves.

It is affordable.


The people who prefer decaf can’t drink this.

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