Top 7 Best Miele Coffee Makers in 2022

Top 7 Best Miele Coffee Makers in 2020

Mornings without the delicious smelling, aromatic, love feeding, a freshly brewed cup of coffee are pointless and purposeless! Coffee is an inalienable right of every human being. Yes, that is how much coffee means to most of us coffee lovers. Days without it are painful and unimaginable.

But what if I tell you, you don’t have to rely on those fancy sounding, famous coffee shops to satiate your never suppressing coffee appetite? Instead, you can buy your own coffee maker and enjoy from French press to pour over with every sip of the love inducing coffee. You will feel no less than a barista at the best coffee shop.

There is a mammoth of variety and brands that promise you your favourite cup of thick, creamy, and aromatic coffee coming straight from their coffee makers, but we have brought in for you the pioneer brand that comes with the best coffee makers that jump start your mornings.

Miele Coffee Systems

Miele tends to the coffee lovers needs by bringing in their innovative coffee makers. The coffee systems are not only stunning looking but conjure up an inviting cup of coffee. Miele is thoughtful of every minute detail to satisfy the ones having special indulgence in coffee. A click of a button can brew up a barista-quality coffee. Miele has introduced a versatile range of remarkable coffee machines that deliver coffee as you like. Within the comfort of your home you can acquire a variety of freshly-ground coffee drinks. We have also written a complete guide about the best Mr coffee coffeemakers.

Why Choose Miele Coffee Systems

Brew up a finest Cup of Coffee

How perfect is your cup of coffee depends on the brewing temperature, the amount of beans you use, and the pre-brewing. Together the three makes up a delicious cup of your energy boosters. Miele Coffee systems have five such components combined in their Aromatic System. Check out our complete guide about the best cuisinart coffee makers.

The portion size­- the aesthetic design Miele coffee makers come with the size option. You can opBest Miele Coffee Makerst for the default system or can insert your own preference which the machine learns so that you don’t have to put any extra effort. With the click of a button, coffee matching your taste and portion of ingredients appears. This means you don’t have to spend hours working your way through complicated menus.

Selection of Beans- you can use any type of beans, Miele does wonders to all.

Finely Granulated- A larger, finer surface allows for a more flavoursome brew. Miele’s ceramic conical grinder grinds the beans to your liking. You can adjust the coarseness with the attached lever. Nevertheless, a finer grind brings in more taste, aroma, and the real essence of the coffee.

Temperature Adjustment- There is already the set temperature in Miele’s default setting. However, you can choose your own temperature. Min, max, or whichever suits you as well as every bean has its own ideal temperatures so that you can tune it to the perfect temperature.

The Pre-brewing Time- this is the time specified for the water to sit in the chamber before it dispenses.

You Get Coffee No Less Than a Fancy Café

For those of you for whom coffee is an essential, you will never be happier. Miele has both built-in coffee machines and free-standing coffee machines that can make a latte, cappuccino, espresso, or any coffee shop style beverage that you love. With the one-touch option, you can press a button, and you can pick any drink from the list of exquisite drinks. You won’t be discouraged by the results you will get.

There is a glass container embedded in the machine for the drinks that would need milk. These containers easily slide in and out for your convenience and to show how much milk is left or required. You don’t have to spend indefinite hours scouring the containers since the glass containers are easy to clean as compared to the stainless-steel versions. The removable glass containers can be refrigerated so the milk is never wasted.

Miele has incorporated the one touch system to make even the most complicated of drinks in a matter of seconds. For instance, to make your inviting cup of espresso the brew would automatically drop down to the height of your cup, dispense the hot milk, then freshly grind the beans and present a strong espresso. There would be no temperature loss as the brew lowers to the cups level and finally your frothy beverage comes out for you to ravish on.

Makes Your Mornings Great and Treats Your Guest Well

No more running around to find the best coffee shops in town that can impress your taste buds and trigger your Best Miele Coffee Makersbrain for the tasks ahead. Miele coffee systems add to your convenience and ease with an incorporated custom drink profiles for all to enter and their preferences. You can prepare not one but two beverages at one time.

Your guests won’t leave without lauding your coffee skills. You can make a liter pot of coffee that won’t lack taste one bit. Either make 8 consecutive cups of coffee or have a pot ready with Miele’s 1 liter coffee pot.

Easy Maintenance

You can easily reach to the internal components of the coffee maker to clean them up. There is a drip tray to in case you drop coffee due to overfilling. The drip tray is utilitarian as not only your spills won’t spread, but the waste water from the automatic cleaning system collects into the drip tray. Some containers collect the used coffee grinds. The coffee makers alert you in case the grinds or drip tray needs to be emptied.

Regular cleaning is essential for efficient performance. Keep your coffee maker happy and it will end up being your companion forever. There are pre-programmed features that notify you of the time when the machine needs to be cleaned.

What Sets Miele Coffee Makers Apart?

There are not many Coffee systems that stand parallel to Miele in performance. Bosch is the only competitor that can be compared to Miele. And to give it a fair crack of the whip let’s see what gives Miele an upper edge over Bosch.

The Built-in Coffee System by Miele

Nothing but Miele built-in coffee systems can perfectly complement your kitchens. It’s majestic and impressive features such as the Easy click milk system and Cup Sensor churns up a super delicious cup of coffee.

The aromatic system preserves the true essence and taste of the coffee. Every Coffee connoisseur would love these machine that intermingles technology in a way to bring out the best of every coffee bean. The collection of amazing features will continue to surprise you.

The freestanding Coffee Systems

The Freestanding coffee machines are equally aesthetic and have a sleek chrome finishing. They customizable user profiles add to your convenience. There is a heating rack too that keeps your cup of coffee warm till you serve it. The insulated milk flask keeps the milk cold so that it remains fresh 24 hours. You don’t need to add ice or fear it would go sour constantly. From taste to health, you will find Miele protective of its consumers. The Auto descale function stops the building up of limescale at the back. The cleaner the machine remains the longer it will serve you with your perfect cup of coffee.



Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Black
Height Adjustable $$$$ 4.8
2. CM6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black
Direct Sensor Control Panel $$$$ 4.7
3. Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System
Whole Bean System $$$$ 4.7
4. Miele CM5100 Black Countertop Coffee System
61-Ounce water tank $$$$ 4.6
5. Miele CM5000 Black Countertop Coffee System
61 fl. oz. removable water tank $$$$ 4.6
6. Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Black
Removable Brew Unit $$$$ 4.5
7. CM 6110 Coffee System (White)
4 User Profiles $$$$ 4.5

1. Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Black

The Miele CM6350 is a compact automatic coffee machine that prepares a delectable cup of coffee in a snap. You can Miele CM6350 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Blacktreat your family and guests too without making them wait for long. The state of the art Miele CM6350 comes with a bundle of features and an easy cleaning mechanism. Now you can invite over your friend for coffee at your place instead of looking for a fancy restaurant and have a more meaningful conversation. Coffee has a tendency to bring out your emotions as it touches every chord of your heart.


Aromatic and One Touch System

The One Touch system allows you to make two cups of coffee simultaneously with just a press of a button. The adjustable spouts adjust to the level of the cup or mug you use for the coffee. The greater surface area provides for the aromatic system to extract the entire richness of the ground coffee bean. The dynamic brew unit expands for the extensive brewing and mixing of finely ground coffee with hot water.

The Brew Unit and the Ground Coffee Chute

You can remove the brew unit to clean it up. Empty the drip tray and the ground container and clean them up easily as well. You don’t have to spend interminable time opening and cleaning the machine. There are no laborious tasks involved in any of the coffee making steps. The built-in and accessible ground coffee chute don’t require you to replace the coffee beans for another coffee type.

Eco mode and the Cappuccinatore

Miele takes into consideration the environment as well. It saves up energy and heats up only before the preparation of the coffee starts. It has great functionality and a beautiful design. The nifty coffee maker would add to the beauty of your kitchen.

For an impressive frothy layer, you just have to insert the hose into the milk jug and press the button for your instant frothy, creamy, mug of delicious coffee. No more conventional methods of separately beating up the milk to enjoy the froth.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy functioning
  • Easy Cleaning and maintenance without spending hours.
  • Adjustable
  • Noiseless and works quick
  • Eco-friendly


  • You can not fit in a water filter

2. CM6310 Countertop Coffee System in Black

For coffee lovers, the coffee works as a life breathing source and to expand the provision of the source what could be CM6310 Countertop Coffee System in Blackmore best than the CM6310 countertop coffee system. The fully automatic machine delivers all kinds of beverages with just a press of a button. Milk-based or not you will receive the most delectable coffee you could ever wish for. It might have just a few fewer features but nonetheless, the ones present are not any less to give you ace performance. The coffee maker pays attention to every minute detail, from helping you clean to storing the left-over milk without wasting it.


Bean Hopper

There is a bean hopper that is sizeable enough to hold a bag of beans that comes with a plastic lid to keep the beans fresh every time you use it. In case you wish to use a grounded coffee, there is separate chute for that to give that extra coffee punch to your coffee cup. The touch button controls further add to your ease. You can tap into the menu and pick your desired drink that will be prepared in a minute. Each of the menu is customizable and you can make them according to your choice of flavour.

The unlabeled icons might be confusing but once you go through the manual you will find the rest a walk through the park.

The Steam System

Miele CM6310 has a stainless steel thermal carafe to keep the milk cool for longer. Since it is removable you can even store it in the fridge. The carafe is attached a hose system that sucks in cool milk to the brew head to be steamed. You get you an excellent cup of latte or espresso hot enough to please your senses but not to burn your tongue. And if some of you want a more hotter drink. You can do that by setting temperatures of your choice.

Design, Quality, Maintenance

The Miele CM6310 coffee maker comes with a sleek design and an ingenious LCD display that boasts of its high technology. It also has an automatic timer that you can set according to your coffee breaks or which starts in the morning and ends as soon as your relishing cup of coffee is ready. Cleaning the machine is extremely easy with the brew head removable to clear any coffee oils or spills. The rinse milk pipe system cleans off any trace of dirt. In case you forget to keep the machine clean, it will notify you of the job that will take just a few minutes.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy and helpful maintenance
  • Simple to use
  • Great tasting beverages ready instantly


  • Bit pricey
  • Cannot prepare Americano

3. Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System

All the coffee addicts who are in search of something that gives them barista-quality coffee at home and that too Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee Systemwithout getting into complicated, professional handling of the machine. Consider Miele CM5200, you get excellent coffee and all beverages with or without milk, with a single fill of the tank with simple steps.


Automatic Timers and Built-in Coffee

There are four portion sizes to choose the amount of coffee that you prefer. It tends to every coffee cup size. To expand and enhance your taste you can check out the built-in coffee recipes and try them out. You have maximum control over the timings as well. It will turn on and off itself. One thing you can be assured of, you will always get your steaming cup of coffee at the right time. It is an eco-friendly machine and won’t waste energy.


The Miele CM5200 is customizable. You can put into the machine the amount of water you want in each cup of the beverage as well as the temperature. There is a reservoir embedded within the machine that saves in 61 ounces.

The Hot Water Spout

Resting on the machine is the hot water spout. With a press of a button you can pour in hot water for water mixed beverage you please. There is even a cup-warmer too so that your cups remain warm even if you are a tad late.

Easy Maintenance

You can bring out the drip to empty the over spilled contents and clean the it to make it odourless. The waste container too is removable and pops out easily so you don’t have to put up with unhygienic situations.

Pros and Cons


  • With the easy click of the buttons you can personalize the settings
  • Conservation of energy with eco mode
  • There is a milk flask included
  • Easy to clean


  • Option for four drinks only.
  • Minimum support

4. Miele CM5100 Black Countertop Coffee System

Here is a machine that will reduce the number of appliances you use for such an easy task and save you your precious Miele CM5100 Black Countertop Coffee Systemtime. Instead of spending never-ending hours on carrying out the coffee making procedure you can just press the button of this automatic angel and prepare your coffee cup. The machine is a cutting-edge invention of Miele that won’t cost you your kidney and yet give you the performance of those expensive machines you will find in the markets.


By-pass Chamber and The Milk Flask

You don’t have to keep adding more milk every time you go near the coffee maker or throw away the previous one since there is a stainless-steel milk flask inside that keeps milk colder and fresher for longer. You can attach it to the machine with the help of the hose to make cappuccinos. For the ones that have an aversion to coffee beans, there is a bypass door that transports the ground coffee into a bypass chamber.

The Majestic LCD Display

The LCD display that boasts of the high tech CM5100’s super tech quality makes the use of the machine a piece of cake. You can easily understand the simple use of the machine without going through numerous guides and videos to learn its usage.

The Removable and Adjustable Parts

If your machine lacks cleanliness, you will not only do harm to your taste buds but also your health. Cleanliness is very important, and that is why the brewing system is removable for thorough scraping and cleaning of the machine. It is not a difficult task, so you can wash and rinse the machine daily. This will add on to its life too.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic reminders so that you don’t forget to clean the machine
  • Heat Retention System warms up your cup so that you get a nice, warm cup of coffee
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Modish


  • The hot water spout is not hot enough
  • The machine gets easily dirty and marked.

5. Miele CM5000 Black Countertop Coffee System

The Miele CM 5000 Coffee System is a completely automatic coffee machine for your countertop. Now you can make Miele CM5000 Black Countertop Coffee Systemall your coffee shop favorites including single or double coffees, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos. This whole bean coffee system gives you 4 programmable cup sizes, a manual steam valve for heating and frothing milk or heating water for teas, selectable coffee strengths, ground coffee by-pass chute, and lots of more outstanding features, all with quick controls and a multi-language 2-line LED display with an intuitive user interface


Automatic Power on Timer

When you wake up the first thing that you want is coffee! With the CM5000 you can make sure that your coffee is ready and waiting for you. Its automatic power on timer allows you to tell the machine when its time for some fresh coffee. It can turn on all by itself and have your coffee brewing the next morning.

Automatic Shut Down Timer

When you Leave your coffee maker plugged in for a long time, then it can result in the coffee burning to the very bottom of the pot or in an overheated machine. This Miele model has an automatic power-off timer which you can set easily. You’re in charge here, as you decide that how long should the machine work, and after that period passes with no activity, it automatically shuts down.

Four Portion Amounts

You have the option to choose from a total of four portion sizes to get the exact amount of coffee you require every time. It can make a  smaller cup of coffee or a standard one and a more common portion of espresso. You could also program the CM 5000 to produce a double espresso portion or a double shot of coffee.

Eco Mode

This mode allows you to save on energy bills hugely. Many machines will use electricity as long as the cord is plugged into an outlet. But, the CM 5000 has an eco mode which stops the machine from using any power after it goes inactive for some time, even if you leave it plugged into an outlet.

Program Options

Even after filling the 61-ounce water reservoir to the very top, you can still direct the machine to use more or less water in each cup. Other program options let you adjust the water temperature from low to medium or high.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning the brewing chamber is easy because it actually comes right out of the machine. You can rinse it between uses to keep one type of coffee from flavoring your next batch. Rinsing the chamber can prevent build up too.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenient Reminders: it shows built-in reminders that lets you know when your supplies run low.
  • More Reservoir Space: It helps you get more coffee and other drinks from your beans and water.
  • Impressive Pump: With a 15-bar pump, this coffee system delivers all the flavor you want.


  • Manual Steam Valve: Using the manual steam valve takes three steps
  • No Hot Water Spout
  • No Cup Warmer

6. Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Black

Want to get a taste of the good life? Take a sip with the Miele CM6150! The CM6150 brings enjoyable coffee and an Miele CM6150 Countertop Coffee Machine, Obsidian Blackastounding amount of drink options at a compelling price tag—without giving up on any of the well-loved features of popular coffee machines. This machine is set to satisfy the needs of large households and small offices, the CM6150 packs in profile-programming for dedicated one-touch drink recipes in 4 different profiles. Other must-have features include an auto-start timer, a brew-for-two function, automatic cleaning cycles, and a removable brew unit for stress-free maintenance. And, with design cues that meld seamlessly with Miele’s other kitchen appliances, the CM6150’s sharp-edged, straightforward shape plays well in any modern kitchen.


Select Your Brewing Choices

What makes a coffee perfect you ask? Well, when its made as you would want it! With the Miele CM6150, you can set a host of brewing options to meet your taste for a perfectly flavorful and intense cup every single time.

  • Amount of Water added gives you total control over the body and intensity of your drink.
  • Amount of Grounds for perfect depth of flavor.
  • Grinder setting allows you to control the fineness of the grind.
  • Pre-Brewing for correct infusion and aroma.
  • Brewing Temperature helps ensure a smooth, not bitter cup.

The best news about the CM6150 is that you don’t have to go through the whole process every time you brew. The Miele Coffee Machine lets you set and save up to 10 user profiles, including drinks made with milk. Weekday mornings may never be the same.

Brew for Two

A button which you have to press, this is basically all you have to do can make coffee! This allows you to prepare two delicious drinks at the same time. Whether your preference is for cappuccino, espresso, Macchiato, or latte, coffee for two is a brew away. With the added accessibility of pre-programmed settings, whichever specialty you pick, the brew begins automatically.

Aromatic Dynamic Brewing

How does the CM6150 achieve such perfection in brewing, you may ask. Inside this espresso machine lies the dynamic brewing chamber, the heart of the Aromatic System developed by Miele.

This brewing chamber actually expands as water flows through it for even and thorough mixing of coffee and water. The expansion creates more room allowing perfect infusion for maximum aroma and flavor. When combined with your select settings, you can be sure of the very best shot for your favorite drink.

Other notable features

  • Adjustable Cup Clearance
  • Integrated Milk Frother
  • Ground Coffee Chute
  • Eco Mode
  • Coffee/Tea Pot Function
  • System Lock
  • Quiet Function

Pros and Cons


  • Coffee Flavor – Miele delivers where it counts. Shots are noticeably hotter and deeper in flavor compared side-by-side with other super automatics.
  • Drink Programming – Unlike other machines, where dose and temperature are universal settings, the CM6150 offers these option on each drink. This gives you standout control over drink options.
  • A Whole Ton Features at an Attractive Price – The CM6150 packs in a ton of features—crisp screen, auto-on programming, power saving mode, user profiles, removable brew unit—at a very compelling price.


  • The menu system for Miele is not like others. Even for seasoned users, it takes a little time to memorize the menu system and programming options.

7.  CM 6110 Coffee System (White)

This Miele CM 6110 White Coffee System is basically a countertop whole bean coffee system which offers the same CM 6110 Coffee System (White)sought-after features as Miele’s built-in coffee system in a handy freestanding unit. This unit provides the ability to program four user profiles, thus making it perfect for households with several coffee enthusiasts. These four user profiles enable you to select your preferences in grind, temperature, cup sizes and pre-brewing. These parameters can all be easily set and saved under the user’s name. The CM 6110 also includes the same great features as previous Miele models, including the ability to select regular coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte macchiato at the touch of a button and the OneTouch for Two feature that fills two cups at once.


Milk Froth

Making specialty coffee drinks often requires the use of some warm milk or milk froth, which is the frothy substance that forms on the top of the heated milk. This machine comes with a setting that lets you add milk and forth to any drink, though for some drinks, you may need an optional milk container.

Eco Mode

Many coffee machines take a few minutes to heat up, which can add to your energy bills, but Miele added an eco mode to this model that can help you save. Eco mode brings the whole machine up to temperature faster when you first turn it on to help you enjoy coffee faster while saving on your energy usage.

Timer Modes

With automatic timer modes, you can now let this machine know when it should come on and turn off. You can set the machine up to turn on and brew you a cappuccino to have it ready as you get up and start your day. The timer mode also lets you select a shutdown time to turn the machine off when you leave the house.

Other notable features

  • Push Button Controls
  • Coffee Chute
  • Intelligent Aroma System
  • Automatic Preparation
  • Removable Brew Unit
  • System Lock
  • Comfort Clean
  • Less Noise Pollution
  • More Drink Options

Pros and Cons


  • Makes many drinks
  • New aromatic system
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • Small tank, holds only 60 ounces
  • Limited number of aroma settings

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